The rally sport is attractive, but it COULD BE DANGEROUS! As a spectator of a rally competition, you must compulsory respect the main rules for security and for your personal safety! The red zones on the diagram are absolutely prohibited for spectators!




- Always be on time on the preliminary selected points for spectators!
- Never come closer to the dangerous zones!
Always stay behind the fences and the restriction bands set by the Organiser or stay behind something solid!
- Never stay on places where it will be impossible to leave in a case of a dangerous situation!
- Do not park your cars in a way to block the racing track of competitors!
Never stay on spots that are under level of the racing track!
- Do not cross the racing track on any occasion!
- Always think not only for your personal safety, but also for the safety of the competitors! Do not make their life more difficult!
- If you are with children, do not leave them without control!
- Do not leave your spot before the passage of the organiser’s car which announces the end of the special stage!
- Expect the unexpected!
- Keep the nature clean!